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My Experience as a Webcam Model There are no translations available. I had never done any type of online job before and had really never considered getting a webcam job. When I started with it I was so nervous that I thought I could never do it!!! My first day I was shaking in front of the cam and so nervous dealing with customers. I did not know what to say or what to do:) When I started working I was so afraid, but I just smiled and started talking to everyone. I had watched some of the girls before I ever started and talked with a couple in the forum. You could see when they were working that they were just having fun talking to people. SUre, sometimes they talked about sex, but most of the time they chatted with guys about silly things, life, love, whatever the topic happened to be at the moment. That is how guys started to talk to me. They asked where I was from, they heard my dog barking and asked about him. It was fun! Most of them were nice with me, others were really mean. LOL Mean in the way that were saying that they want to see my boobies or other parts of my body in open room. That made me so nervous! But you get used to it and you learn to handle guys like that and still have fun. The most nervous part for me was when I went into my first private show with my first customer and He asked me to take my clothes off, I was like OMG really? lol..Still I did it and it was not nearly as bad as what I thought! My room is blocked in my country, so it was no one I knew, I could not see him, so it was like a private show – just for my computer! You don’t have to worry about anyone touching you or any danger. Most of the guys are really nice and you have some freedom knowing that none of them know your real name and you are not going to bump into them on the street! After few days i got used to it and and I started to love my job! Now I love it so much, I made good friends, I have amazing customers, they come every day, they are always with me, my room is a lot of fun we talk about so many things and when I go in a private show with them sometimes they just want to talk about silly things or some even tell me to take a break and they pay for my time! For sure, some spend private time with you because they want to see more, but you learn to have fun with it in the security and privacy of your own home. In the end, no one can make you do what you don’t want to. That is the good thing of working in a webcam site, you make good friends, and u enjoy your time there!!! Hope when you start working as a webcam model you enjoy it like I do!!!

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