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With time has come new opportunities, including one of the largest of our time – the internet. As the internet has grown, so has the want and need for people all over the world to want to communicate using the latest technology. First it was a simple online blog, second email advanced so you could send something half way around the world in seconds, and now we have real time video and audio that make being there, being anywhere around the world, only a mouse click or two away.

The economy today is struggling for even more advanced ways to communicate online, especially when gas prices, jet fuel prices, and the cost of a ticket to travel to a nearby town are well over 25% higher than just a year ago. Thankfully the online video technology has seen great advances within the last 5 years. These have not only allowed businesses to hold meetings online and see one another, but these same technologies have advanced the webcam model industry to one of the best online home businesses earning a very lucrative income.

Streaming video is not video that is played from a camcorder or a tv, but its video that is acutally streamed across a network and straight downt to your pc using the latest technologies. It is truly a new technology that has taken the internet by storm. Now you can have clients download your video or images as they are created, hence they can see beautiful models perform their live shows in real time.

Online video and streaming video is a rapidly growing business that allows movies or video of any length to be delivered directly to your home across the internet. Businesses are taking advantage of this new medium to enhance their bottom line by providing the consumer with exciting new opportunities in the adult webcam entertainment.

Not only are friends able to keep in touch with each other with video phones, but loved ones can communicate with actual video showing a granparent a new grandson or some other very important occurrence rather than static pictures that were taken days or weeks ago.

Video plays an important role in our daily lives, just as we view the world around us in real time, we can now view images, advertising, movies and entertainment in real time directly from the internet the moment its broadcast. Pretty amazing considering we were only using film in our cameras about 15 years ago.

We are sexually aroused by what we see from the online adult industry in video and in pictures, but for us to spend time with the model or online girlfriend of our choice and see her peform for us in real time using streaming video is something that truly arouses the senses and provides for the need of the client and the performer.

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